Design Projects

This page is one that shows a glimpse into the many projects i have done, during my time at MVCC, and SUNY Cobleskill. Quite a few of these presented challenges that i did not expect, but still conquered nonetheless.
Feel free to click on one of the photos for a better look at the projects.

This project was to design a deck of cards, all custom made suits, and backs of the cards. This is the press sheet of it. See full size here.

The chocolate bar project was another of my current projects that I tackled recently. Coming up with a brand, a design, as well as the four variants was quite an interesting challenge. See full size here.

The Utica Proud logo was a class project, designated to us by our teacher, but from the mayor of utica himself. My logo was one of a few considered for replacing the utica logo. See full size here.

This project was one from MVCC. I had to design a sample 2 page spread on a topic of my choosing. See full size here.

This project was one of my first at MVCC. We were to take a letter, and find an item or thing that started with that letter and make a logo of sorts with them, this was that result. See full size here.

This is that same project, just in color. See full size here.


These sample sites, are examples of websites that like this site, i have coded myself. HTML, CSS, and JS are all coding languages that i continue to learn and hopefully will expand upon during my career. Click on one of the photos, will bring you to the site itself if you wish to view it.

This site was one of my first, where we learned basic html, css, and bootstrap. See full site here.

My Web 1 Final project involved creating a site for a mock up company, and I chose to make this site. See full site here.

This was an example site showing my learning capability of Javascript, as a special sale example. See full site here.

This was an example site showing my more of my skills learned using Javascript, as well as AJAX. See full site here.