Welcome to the photography page. This page shows just some of the many photos i’ve taken during the time of my college education, and some on my off time during a vacation. Many of my photos are nature related.
Feel free to take a look.

This photo was one I took during my visit to a local garden.

I had decided to get up early with my mother during our trip to Hampton Beach, NH, and I decided to take a photo while I was there.

A sunset from home I could not miss taking a photo of.

These types of photos I absolutely love, where the sun breaks out through the clouds in absolutely beautiful rays.

Another singular flower in a garden.

This tree covered in flowers was quite a beautiful sight to see.

A close up of the rings on a cut down tree.

This tree had fallen, and yet still it continued to live, growing leaves as if nothing was wrong.

Close up of a small cluster of flowers.

Flowers on a stream.

a group of budding flowers in a tree.

More Close ups.

One of my First shots in all black and white film, digitized for your viewing.

Another cluster of flowers.